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Designing new parts, modifiying a chassis, engine improvement, managing product procurement or range, import,
distribution : Poclain Véhicules' range of skills meets the different needs of car manufacturers and importers.
The company is involved in all stages, from the design to the distribution of parts / cars and assembling. Located in
Etupes (Doubs), Poclain Véhicules, owner of FAM Automobiles brand, has developed its business and located its plant close to car manufacturers, in order to provide partnership services for the production of specific limited editions.

MTC System (Mechanical Traction Control)

Poclain Véhicules markets its Enhanced Traction solution,
a real alternative to AWD vehicles.

The MTC System (Enhanced Traction) embodies an important part of Poclain Véhicules activity with more than 1 500 modified vehicles per year.
Since 2000, more than 35 000 vehicles have been equipped with the MTC System.
It consists in a simple conversion made from a mass production model 2WD (Light Commercial vehicle or Private Vehicle).
It brings remarkable abilities to the vehicle in all-road evolution or hilly grounds. This package does not need any additional probate,
the original vehicle remains the same.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified, Poclain Véhicules offers with its installations qualitative and safe assembly. Besides, due to a coach builder agreement, the MTC system still benefits from the car manufacture guarantee.


The vehicle remains in 2 power wheels and gets :

Image 1 A limited-slip differential :
The original differential of the vehicle's gearbox is replaced by a limited-slip differential including a torque transfer package based on the friction of 8 discs in alternating disposition. When a wheel loses traction, the new differential allows the transfer of 25% of the power and the torque on the other wheel.

Image 2 A specific under body protection :
When the vehicle goes on a particularly hard ground, and the limits are reached (the bottom contact of the vehicle for instance), the armour-plate under chassis guarantees the required protection. This is composed of a sheet metal protection under the engine and also side protections under the engine for the braking system and fuel.

Image 3 "All Road" tires :
If the original frame can be retained with the modification, it is better to equip the vehicle with mixed mud and snow tires "M+S".

Image 4 An increased ground clearance :
The raised vehicle can thus access difficult grounds and cross obstacles.

Download our booklet "Enhanced Mobility"


A part of the Light Commercial vehicle and Private Vehicle range of the Peugeot brands, Citroën,
Renault, Dacia, Fiat et Nissan are eligible for the MTC System (Mechanical Traction Control)
subject to technical characteristics compatible with our modification.

It is at the time of purchase of your new vehicle that you have to request this option from your seller, it will be delivered
to your dealer or agent. The MTC System conversion is carried out in a 15 day-period from the delivery date
of the vehicle at our workshop in Etupes.

Used vehicles can also be equipped with our MTC System under certain conditions.
Possible conversion on certain used vehicles which have less than 1 year and not more than 10 000kms.

Our company stay at your disposalto study the conversion feasibility of your vehicle.

Less expensive than the 4WD technology and offering a huge crossing capacity, the MTC System
(Mechanical Traction Control) allows Poclain Véhicules to propose an innovative and high performing
solution to its customers.

The MTC System is used both by private individuals and by administrations such as the police force,
EDF (Electricity supply company), Water & Forests Authorities, firemen, NGOs such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF)…

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As for the vehicles which can not be equipped with the MTC System (Mechanical Traction Control),
Poclain Véhicules suggests a "light" kit without limited-slip differential nor mixed mud and snow tires.
Please do not hesitate to contact our commercial department for further information.


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